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Elmsford New York Traffic Court Lawyer

Elmsford New York Traffic Court Lawyer

Caught speeding in Elmsford, NY?

The Elmsford Village Court is located at 15 South Stone Ave, Elmsford, NY 10523. Speeding tickets written on both the Cross Westchester Expressway (I-287) as well as the Sprain Brook Parkway are returned to the Elmsford, New York Village Court. Here at Palumbo & Associates, PC., our traffic court lawyers advocate for you without the need for you to personally appear in court. In addition to speeding ticket, VTL § 1180, many cell phone cases, VTL § 1225 as well as failure to yield / move over, VTL § 1144-A, red light, VTL § 1111 and stop sign, VTL § 1172 tickets are returned to the Elmsford Village Court.

Case study, Elmsford Village Court – Prior Conviction Vacated

Client was arrested in Bronx, NY with Aggravated Unlicensed Operation, NY VTL § 511. Upon research of the matter we realized that 5 years earlier the client had plead guilty by mail to uninsured operator, NY VTL § 319 before the Elmsford Village Court. We also realized that the client made a fatal mistake in pleading guilty “as charged” and that had we fought the ticket the case would have been dismissed. This mistake was haunting the client 5 years later because while she paid all of the fines and assessments, she failed to re-apply for driving privileges because she did not understand what she needed to do.

Rather than marshal her through the regulatory process of applying for relicensing, which they likely would have denied because of her current charges, we instead went back to the Elmsford Village Court and commenced a special proceeding, called a Coram Nobis action (link here to my Coram Nobis page) to vacate the conviction and dismiss the case. While it took a little work we were successful. Once the conviction was removed from her NYS DMV record, not only was the revocation immediately extinguished as though it never even happened, the DMV returned to our client the $750.00 driver safety assessment she had to pay as an administrative fine for getting convicted of driving without a license. We also saved our client money by avoiding the re-application fee to the DMV. We then appeared in Bronx Criminal Court and, because the revocation was removed nunc pro tunc (Latin for “then for now”), her criminal charge of aggravated unlicensed operation was dismissed.

Case study, Elmsford Village Court – 8 Point Speeding Reduced to a 0 Point Parking Ticket

Client was charged on the Sprain Brook Parkway speeding, 31 MPH over the limit. This is an excessive speed and had the client been found guilty “as charged” it likely would have caused a large insurance increase as well as triggered a driver safety assessment from the NYS DMV of $450.00. This would have cost our client close to $1,000.00 in fines and surcharges in addition to the 3 year insurance increase.

Our office worked with the prosecutor and judge to have our client take a driver safety course with the promise that, upon completion, the speeding ticket would be converted into a non-moving violation of parking on pavement, NY VTL § 1201. At the end of the day, our client paid only $100.00 in fines and surcharges, and the client’s insurance did not suffer an increase.

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