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Village Of Dobbs Ferry, NY Traffic Court Defense Lawyers

Village Of Dobbs Ferry, NY Traffic Court Defense Lawyers

The Village of Dobbs Ferry, New York is a village in Westchester County and within the Town of Greenburgh. The Dobbs Ferry Village Court is located at 112 Main Street, Dobbs Ferry, NY 10522-1610. The court handles all speeding and traffic moving violation cases within the confines of the village.

Case Study – Litigation of a Cell Phone Ticket

Our client was charged with NY VTL § 1225 before the Village of Dobbs Ferry for utilizing his cell phone as an electronic device to send or receive electronic text messages; i.e., texting while driving. If convicted our client faced a heavy fine, 5 points on his license, as well as a large insurance increase. However, that was not the worst of it. Had our client been convicted of this charge it would have triggered a license suspension from the NYC DMV for going over 10 points in an 18 month period due to other convictions on his license.

Due to those very charges the Village Prosecutor was unwilling to make a reduced offer unless my client agreed to a 31 day license suspension. I then suggested to my client that we re-visit a recent 4 point speeding conviction in which he simply plead guilty “as charged” rather than fight in another court. So long as we erased those points then whatever happened in Dobbs Ferry would not cause an automatic license suspension and we would not be at the mercy of the prosecution in agreeing to a 31 days license suspension.

My client agreed, and the first thing we did was get a lengthy adjournment of the Dobbs Ferry cell phone ticket. We then commenced a special proceeding in the other court to vacate his plea of guilty for speeding, NY VTL § 1180. Inasmuch as my client had not been convicted of anything in Dobbs Ferry, the other court could in no way know about the pending cell phone ticket in Dobbs Ferry. It worked, and we in effect converted his speeding conviction to a 0 point parking ticket.

I then brought this change of circumstances to the attention of the Dobbs Ferry Village Prosecutor. Realizing that he now lost all leverage in demanding my client agree to a license suspension as part of a reduced plea offer, he had no choice but to sweeten his offer and take a suspension agreement off of the table if he did not want to spend one very long and arduous evening in court prosecuting a cell phone trial of which he knew we would zealously defend.

In fact, the prosecutor simply threw in the towel and offered my client a 0 point equipment violation, which I immediately accepted and closed his case forevermore.

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