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Westchester County NY Traffic and Speeding Tickets

Westchester County NY Traffic and Speeding Tickets

The traffic ticket you receive in Westchester County, in the State of New York, can be as diverse as the county itself. From its southernmost border of Pelham to its northernmost boarder of North Salem, from the sleepy bedroom hamlet of Armonk to the state’s 3rd largest city of Yonkers, how your speeding ticket needs to be handled varies greatly.

The court in New Castle handles its traffic violators much differently than the court in North Castle. The policies and procedures in the courts of Greenburgh, Ardsley, and Irvington vary greatly between each other and those of neighboring Hastings on Hudson, Dobbs Ferry, Irvington, Sleepy Hollow, and Tarrytown. Everything, from calendaring, adjournments, to plea negotiations and traffic ticket trials are vastly different in courts such as Peekskill, Buchanan, Courtlandt, Croton on Hudson, and Ossining.

Some courts liberally allow adjournments. Others do not and make you post a bond for a speeding ticket adjournment. In some courts you negotiate directly with a police officer for a plea bargain, others it’s the Town Attorney. Still others it’s the police or the Town Attorney, depending upon the agency who wrote the ticket. For example, in the Harrison court the Harrison Police and Westchester County Police negotiate directly with you, but if you ticket was written by a trooper of the New York State Police then you need to negotiate with the Town Attorney.

Some towns have plea restriction policies. For example, many towns and villages have a policy that if the violation is passing a stopped school bus (VTL § 1174) there is no plea bargaining and all cases go to trial unless there is a plea of guilty as charged. Being a 5 point offense, who can do that?

All plea bargains have to be approved by the judge. Some judges have personal policies. Many will not allow a speeding ticket to be plead “out of speed.” In other words, while they will approve a reduced speeding conviction they will not approve a speeding conviction plead to a different moving or non-moving violation. So the same charge in the City of Rye and the Town of Rye may end up with 2 very different plea resolutions.

The courts all meet at different days and times. White Plains meets during the day, every day. This is the same as New Rochelle, Mount Vernon, and Yonkers. However, even though Tuckahoe and Bronxville are both villages of Eastchester they still have 3 different courts. Eastchester meets on Wednesdays during the day, Tuckahoe Tuesdays during the day, but Bronxville meets Tuesday evenings. While Mamaroneck Town meets during the day Mamaroneck Village meets in the evening. Both Mount Kisco and Bedford meet during the day for traffic tickets but during the evenings for traffic misdemeanors.

What is consistent among all of these courts is that pleading guilty as charged to a point assessed moving violation is always a mistake as it will cost you in increased insurance premiums and depending on your driving history could cause a license suspension. Fighting the ticket yourself will require that you will take off time from work and since you know little about the system uncertainty of outcome.

This is where we come in. Our Westchester County speeding ticket attorneys have represented countless clients in courts throughout Westchester County, including but not limited to such towns such as Port Chester, Mount Pleasant, Valhalla, Rye Brook, Pleasantville, Pound, Scarsdale, Eastchester, Harrison, White Plains, Yonkers, New Rochelle, and Lewisboro. We know when it is to your advantage to postpone a court date, when to ask for an accelerated trial, when to plea bargain, and when the most opportune time for you to take a point reduction course. We will do this for you WITHOUT THE NEED FOR YOU TO EVER TAKE OF TIME FROM WORK OR COME TO COURT. Our speeding ticket attorneys are authorized to appear on your behalf so that you will not lose any time from work.

The goal of our lawyers is to get a resolution with no points or reduced points from what you were charged with, be it through negotiations, motions, or trial. We are confident of our ability to deliver, so much so that in Westchester County we offer a Money Back Guarantee if we do not reduce or eliminate the points you are convicted of from that of which you were charged. You have enough to worry about. Let us do the work. Call today.

Our law office offers convenience, ease, and certitude of a positive outcome. We will represent you in any court in the State of New York. we get your court appearance waived so you do not have to take time off. We give you piece of mind by giving you a money back guarantee.

Call us toll free at 1-877-99-NO-TIX (1-877-996-6849) or e-mail. We need your name, the name of the court, the charge(s), and if a speeding ticket the speed limit and the speed charged. You can e-mail us, scan and e-mail the ticket, or fax it to us at 914-777-2999. Don’t wait, do it today!

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