What differentiates our NY traffic and speeding ticket defense firm from all the rest

So you got a New York State speeding ticket under NY VTL 1180. Or maybe you were charged with driving under suspension, NY VTL 511. You need a lawyer and go to the internet. Dozens of law firms come up. How do you know who to go with?

Of course, we want your business. It goes without saying. I am not writing this blog to tell you why you should hire us, but rather explain what differentiates our law firm from the rest so that you can make an informed decision as to which firm to go with.

The first thing that separates us from other lawyers is that we are a boutique law practice that just practices NY speeding ticket  defense, cell phone ticket defense, and auto crime defense. We don’t dabble in it. It’s not a “side practice.” We don’t dabble in it. It’s our core, and only, business. This is unlike most firms. Most law firms core business is in something else and they take traffic cases close to their office for extra money.

We don’t engage in traffic ticket defense for extra money. This is what puts food on our table. We take it very seriously. What this means is that we have the proper quantity and quality intellectual property consisting of of legal acumen and legal acuity that our clients want and deserve of their lawyer. We also have a reputation throughout the legal community and with prosecutors and courts alike as a serious law firm that knows what they are doing and how to defend a litigate a traffic matter.

Whenever you hire a lawyer, for ANYTHING, you always want to hire a lawyer who practices only what you need. This is because you want a lawyer whose reputation resides in that practice area. You never want to hire a lawyer whose core business and reputation resides in a practice area outside of what you are retaining the firm for. When you do that, you become your lawyer’s least important client. You never want to be your lawyer’s least important client; you always want to be their most important client. You are our most important client 100% of the time, because our reputation is at stake each and every time a client retains our services.

Another thing that separates us from the rest is that we cover the entire state of New York. Most law firms only cover small little parts of the state. With us, your kid can get a ticket at SUNY Binghamton, you can get a ticket in Harrison, NY, and your spouse can get a ticket while on a business trip in Albany, New York, and we can handle all of the cases.

The way you vet the law firm you find on line to ensure that they are specialists in what you need can be done in several ways. The first thing you want to do is click on the “practice area” link on their web site. If there is a laundry list of disparate practice areas (i.e., personal injury, estate planning, commercial litigation, bankruptcy, etc.), this is a law firm that you should steer clear of.

Another thing you can do is look up the lawyer on Avvo.com. Avvo is like Yelp, except just for lawyers. You can check out my Avvo profile by clicking here. Every attorney profile has on it a pie chart showing the practice area and the percentage of business they do in that practice area. This will always be a truthful representation, because Avvo only forwards a lawyer leads from the areas of which they hold themselves out as practicing. As you will see, my chart indicates 80% traffic tickets and 20% transportation law. Transportation law is just specialized traffic matters for commercial truckers. In other words, we hold ourselves out on Avvo as doing 100% speeding and traffic ticket defense.

You probably came across this content because you have a NY speeding ticket or traffic ticket. You may have unanswered questions or concerns. If that is the case, please pick up the phone anytime 24 / 7 and give us a call. We speak to motorists with tickets all day, every day, and we’d love to assist you and answer any questions that you may have!