Can you be charged if drugs or other illegal substances are found in a car you are riding in?

In short, presumption possession is what your mother warned you about when she told you “stop hanging out with those kids they are going to get you in trouble!” The mommy doctrine of “they are going to get you in trouble” has been codified under New York Penal Law 220.25, which defines the law of presumptive possession:

“The presence of a controlled substance in an automobile…is presumptive evidence of knowing possession thereof by each and every person in the automobile at the time such controlled substance was found…” NY Penal Law 225.25(1).

In other words, every person inside the vehicle can be charged and convicted of possession of drugs found inside the vehicle. Moreover, all the prosecution must prove is that the drugs were found inside the vehicle, and that you were inside the vehicle at the time they were found. The prosecution does not have to prove that you knew the drugs were there.

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