Do you owe EZ Pass tolls and violations? If so bankruptcy may be your best option

Since 2015 tolls in NY State are 100% electronic payment. Either you have an EZ Pass and your account gets billed, or the toll booth equipment takes a photo of your plate and mails you a bill.

Electronic toll collection has caused countless errors and problems, and EZ Pass is a heartless, soulless entity. People have accrued tens of thousands, and even hundreds of thousands, of EZ Pass “violations.” A $100.00 violation accrues when a toll is not paid within 30 days.

This has become crushing debt to many people who simply do not have the resources to pay the usurious amount that EZ Pass demands. The debt can also not be ignored, because EZ Pass NEVER STOPS!

If you don’t pay a debt, the first thing they do is send it to collections, which dings your credit score. That is only the beginning.

The second thing they do is revoke your vehicle registration. That means that you cannot use the car or drive the car until the registration revocation is removed, and the only way to do that is to pay the debt.

The third thing they do is trespass you from the roadways to which you owe the money. The tolling authorities are the Port Authority of NY & NJ, the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA), and the New York State Throughway Authority. Being trespassed means that you are no longer allowed to use their roadways. This means that if you are ever pulled over for speeding, get into an accident, become disabled, or for any other reason need police services on that roadway, you will be arrested for criminal trespass.

The forth thing they do is sue you in either New York State Civil Court, or New York State Supreme Court, depending in whether you owe more or less then $25,000.00. If you continue to ignore  the debt they will take a judgment against you, freeze you bank accounts, lien your property, and garnish your wages.

Moreover, at each stage of the misery the amount you owe climbs. But, what can you do if you simply cannot afford to pay what they demand?

The answer for you may be bankruptcy. Our law firm does not practice bankruptcy law. However, give us a call anyhow. We will give you a free consultation regarding your issue, answer all of your questions, can often come up with alternative solutions, and also refer you to a qualified bankruptcy attorney.

Talking to people about their legal problems and issues is what we do all day, every day, and we’d love to discuss your problem with you and answer any question that you may have!