DMV Point System

Points are assessed for NYS vehicle and traffic violation convictions. If you want to reduce your points and auto insurance rates, take this NYS DMV approved defensive driving course.

The NYS DMV point assessment system is as follows:

Speeding 1 – 10 MPH over:   3 points

Speeding 11 – 20 MPH over: 4 points

Speeding 21 – 30 MPH over: 6 points ($300.00 assessment in addition to any court fine)

Speeding 31 – 40 MPH over: 8 points ($450.00 assessment in addition to any court fine)

Speeding 41 + MPH over:      11 points ($675.00 assessment in addition to any court fine and mandatory suspension)

Reckless Driving:                               5 points (Misdemeanor)

Cell phone / electronic device:           5 points

Railroad crossing violation:               5 points

Failing to stop for a school bus:         5 points

Following too close:                           4 points

Inadequate brakes / personal vehicle: 4 points (Misdemeanor)

Red light or stop sign:                        3 points

Fail to yield right of way:                   3 points

Fail to yield emergency vehicle:        3 points

Improper passing:                               3 points

Unsafe lane change:                           3 points

Leaving the scene of an accident:      3 points (Misdemeanor if it’s a personal injury accident)

Improper passing:                               3 points

Driving left of center:                         3 points

Unrestrained minor under 16:            3 points (Operator gets the ticket)

Fail to signal:                                      2 points

Fail to obey traffic control device:     2 points

Fail to turn when required:                 2 points

Prohibited turn:                                  2 points

Inadequate brakes, employer vehicle:2 points

Failure to dim headlights:                   2 points

This list, while comprehensive, is not exhaustive. Accruing points causes insurance increases, assessments, which start at $300.00 when a motorist accrues 6 in an 18 month period from one or more tickets, and $75.00 for every point thereafter, as well as license suspensions for accruing 11 or more in an 18 month period.

If you are confused about whether or not the violation you received will accrue points, don’t plead guilty! Call our law firm first anytime 27 / 7. We talk to people and answer their questions every day about their tickets, and we’d love to speak to you about your ticket.

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