Do you owe money to EZ Pass? Is your Registration being suspended? We can help!

Ever since tolls went cashless, EZ Pass has been a nightmare. If you fail to pay your tolls to the MTA, Port Authority of NY & NJ, or to the NYS Thruway Authority within 30 days, for any reason, a $100.00 violation penalty is added to your bill. This is insanity!

In addition, if you are in arrearage for too long of a time, EZ Pass notifies the DMV, and the DMV suspends your vehicle’s registration. They also send you to collections, which impacts your credit score. If the arrearage continues to persist, the tolling authority sues the motorist in NYC Civil or Supreme Court.

The debt is crushing and the process totally unfair. However, there is a way to handle and manage this. What must be done is to go directly to the individual tolling authority to (1) determine how much you owe; (2) negotiate a reduction; and (3) get you on a payment plan. Our law firm has successfully managed this problem for dozens of clients. We have been able to either avoid a registration suspension or, if the registration has been suspended prior to contacting us then getting the suspension lifted, determining what is owed and to whom, negotiating a reduction, and getting our client on a payment plan.

If you owe EZ Pass money we can help don’t delay call us now 914-777-2990.