How to avoid having a minor equipment violation result in a license suspension

Equipment violations are known as “fix-it-tickets” because, if you timely get the violation fixed the court has to dismiss your case. However, there are strict, 24 hour deadline to produce proof to the court that the violation has been resolved. If you fail to timely produce the proof the case must proceed through the judicial system. Many times people send their evidence in late, fail to respond to court notices, and the motorist ends up with a NY license suspension that triggers 3 years of insurance premium surcharges.

If you or someone you know driver’s license is suspended, call us we can help and get your license suspension lifted. We also defend speeding tickets or other moving violations matters anywhere in the State of New York, such as:

Driving while license is suspended, NY VTL 511 Driving while registration is suspended, NY VTL 512 Uninsured operation, NY VTL 319 Speeding, VTL 1180 Cell Phone, VTL 1225 Electronic Device, VTL 1225 Failure to move over or yield to an emergency vehicle, VTL 1144 Unsafe lane change, VTL 1128 Fail to signal, VTL 1163

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