What to do when you are under police investigation

You always have a right to counsel. This is especially so when you are under police investigation. If you are ever the subject of a police investigation never talk to… Read more »

November 3rd is the date by which expired licenses and vehicle registrations must be renewed in New York

New Yorkers have until November 3 to renew expired registrations, licenses, and vehicle inspections. Due to Covid, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order extending the renewal date for these items… Read more »

Does having an air freshener hanging from your rear view mirror give the police probable cause to stop the vehicle?

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The NYS 5 hour classroom training required to take a road test can now be done online

In order for a permitted driver to be eligible to take a road test to get his or her Class “D” driver’s license, the state mandated that the person take… Read more »

States are divided over the constitutionality of searching a cell phone

Are citizens constitutionally protected against the government searching a cell phone? It depends upon what state you are in. In Indiana, it’s Supreme Court ruled that the 5th Amendment to… Read more »

Can you be charged if drugs or other illegal substances are found in a car you are riding in?

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What to do when the cop threatens to “call the dog” to search your car

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Have you been charged with NYC Administrative Code 3-108, violation of an emergency provision? If so contact us today!

Amid this covid pandemic New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio, as well as New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, issued emergency executive orders mandating that non-essential retail businesses shut down…. Read more »

US Supreme Court rules in favor of State that a police officer can pull over a vehicle when a running of the plate indicates that the registered owner’s license is revoked

In the groundbreaking case of Kansas v. Glover, 589 U.S. _______ (2020), published on April 6, 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that when a vehicle license plate is run and… Read more »