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We can help you with your EZ Pass Issues AND a video on Hearty Hamburger Soup

Dealing with EZ Pass arrearages is a nightmare. Between the Port Authority, the MTA, and NYS Thruway Authority, they are tacking on tens of thousands of dollars in violations and… Read more »

Do you owe EZ Pass tolls and violations? If so we can represent you in toll litigation and settlement!

Since 2015 tolls in NY State are 100% electronic payment. Either you have an EZ Pass and your account gets billed, or the toll booth equipment takes a photo of… Read more »

If you have EZ Pass fines, violations, or penalties arising from use of the Mario M. Cuomo Bridge (formally Tappan Zee Bridge) or any other toll managed by the New York State Thruway Authority we can help!

New York State going toll less a few years ago has caused a nightmare of problems and issues for motorists in and outside of New York State. The problems have… Read more »