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Saved a client from a permanent license revocation due multiple NY DMV DWI convictions rules

Under special rules created in 2012, section 15 NYCRR 136.5 prohibits re-licensing after a 3rd DWI, or more accurately an alcohol or drug related driving conviction or incident. In this… Read more »

November 3rd is the date by which expired licenses and vehicle registrations must be renewed in New York

New Yorkers have until November 3 to renew expired registrations, licenses, and vehicle inspections. Due to Covid, Governor Cuomo issued an executive order extending the renewal date for these items… Read more »

US Supreme Court rules in favor of State that a police officer can pull over a vehicle when a running of the plate indicates that the registered owner’s license is revoked

In the groundbreaking case of Kansas v. Glover, 589 U.S. _______ (2020), published on April 6, 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that when a vehicle license plate is run and… Read more »