How Many Points for a New York Cell Phone Ticket?

Before pleading guilty by mail to New York State cell phone ticket, NY VTL § 1225C(2)(a), many motorists want to know ‘how many points does a NY VTL § 1225C(2)(a) violation carry?’ If you simply mail in your NY cell phone ticket with a plea of guilty, the NYS DMV will accrue to your permanent driving history 5 points for this one cell phone violation. This is why it is imperative that you NOT plead guilty as charged and fight your NYS cell phone ticket with the best lawyers or law firm that you can find to fight a NY cell phone violation.

Accruing 5 points in a single plea can have devastating consequences on your driving record. For starters, it can trigger a large insurance premium increase for a 3 year period. But that’s not all. Pleading guilty to a 5 point cell phone ticket can also trigger (1) license suspensions; (2) license revocations; (3) suspension of CDL privileges; (4) loss of employment due to job requirements; and (5) loss of company car privileges.

New York State has the toughest portable cell phone penalties in the nation. However, there are defenses and that’s where we come in. Under NY VTL § 1225C(2)(a), the prohibited conduct is merely having a cell phone that is to or at the immediate proximity of the ear. The vehicle also has to be physical in motion. This means that it is permissible to use a phone on a speaker phone, and that it is permissible to have the phone at your ear at a red light when the vehicle is not in motion. Not only do these elements raise valid defenses, but it is the state’s burden to prove the case beyond a reasonable doubt in any event. In other words, even if you were acting contrary to the law, you are still entitled under the law to fight the charges.

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