New York City Ticket Defense

Have you received a Speeding or Traffic Ticket in New York City?This information also pertains to Buffalo and Rochester, New York.

Our NYC traffic ticket defense lawyers are the best traffic court lawyers to service your needs when you receive a NYC ticket. We have extensive experience in defending motorists charged in New York City with speeding, NY VTL § 1180, cell phone violation, NY VTL § 1225, and all other moving violations. Defense of a NYC speeding ticket is unlike defending a ticket anywhere else in the State of New York. Our New York City traffic court lawyers have the experience and know how to get your case resolved in your favor and to ensure that your insurance does not increase.

Special challenges in defending a NYC traffic ticket

The difference in defending a New York City cell phone ticket is that the court system is different in the 5 boroughs of New York. Outside of New York City traffic cases are heard in either city or justice courts with elected judges. In NYC the court is not a justice court but an administrative court run by the NYS DMV. This means that the speeding tickets are heard not by elected officials but by judges whom are employees of the DMV. They are known as “Administrative Law Judges.”

The challenge this creates is that the New York City Traffic Violations Bureau Court has a no plea bargaining policy. This means that unlike in a justice court where we can plea bargain to have a case dismissed, in NYC every case goes to trial. Moreover, there are less procedural safeguards in the New York City traffic courts. Unlike in the city and justice courts, in NYC one cannot:

  • Plea bargain
  • Conduct discovery
  • Make written motions

There are some advantages to being before this administrative tribunal, namely:

  • Unlike a regular court, they have no authority to remand motorists to custody (jail); and
  • These judges can waive otherwise mandatory suspensions

However, our office still gives a great service in NYC to ensure that your insurance does not increase. First off, many of our clients end up with acquittals (i.e., the ticket is dismissed). To ensure that our client who are found guilty still do not suffer an insurance increase, the name of the game is delay, delay, delay....

The way we defend a NYC ticket is simple. We adjourn the trial as long as we possibly can. This keeps you clean as long as possible. And by the time we take the case to trial (usually about 1 year after the date the ticket was written) we have already gotten you past substantial part, or all of, the period that your insurance could have been increased.

You see, the points only hit your license if you are convicted on something, and that occurs on the conviction date. However, the look back period for potential insurance increases points is based on the offense date. This means that if you are convicted 15 months after the ticket was written, you will only be carrying the points for another 3 months, as opposed to if you mail it in with a guilty plea you are carrying the points for the full 18 months.

In addition, we are NYC Traffic Violation Bureau experts. We know the temperament of each judge and whom to try to pitch around depending on the ticket. We also know when to not answer a calendar call and post a $40.00 bond to get a new date. Since we cannot control everything it does not always work, but this is our specialty. Often times the charges are so egregious that it is best to plead our client guilty to save his license. We know when to do this as well.

There are 8 NYC traffic court locations in NYC. There is 1 in the Bronx, 1 in Staten Island, and 2 each in Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Queens. We routinely appear in all 8 courts. When you retain our office you never have to go to court or come to our office we do everything for you.

DMV Traffic Violations Bureau in other NY cities as well

In addition to New York City, the cities of Buffalo, NY in Erie County, and Rochester NY in Monroe County also utilize a non judicial DMV administrative tribunal to adjudicate their traffic infractions. Consequently, we employ the same delay technique to defend the tickets as we do in New York City. As with the NYC Traffic Court system, both the Buffalo and Rochester courts are unified with that of NYC.

Our law office offers convenience, ease, and certitude of a positive outcome. We will represent you in any court in the State of New York. we get your court appearance waived so you do not have to take time off. We give you piece of mind by giving you a money back guarantee.

Call us toll free at 1-877-99-NO-TIX (1-877-996-6849) or e-mail. We need your name, the name of the court, the charge(s), and if a speeding ticket the speed limit and the speed charged. You can e-mail us, scan and e-mail the ticket, or fax it to us at 914-777-2999. Don’t wait, do it today!