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New York VTL § 1110 Fail to Obey a Traffic Control Device Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1110, failing to obey a TCD in New York?

Our New York failure to obey a traffic control device traffic court lawyers and attorneys can represent you when you have been charged with failure to obey a traffic control device. Our lawyers can represent you anywhere in New York State. We have extensive experience in defending failure to obey a traffic control device ticket, NY VTL § 1110a. If cited for failure to obey a traffic control device call our firm and speak to a NY lawyer for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

New York VTL § 1110a prohibits failure traffic control device. The statute requires that every motorist obey any traffic control device, unless directed otherwise by a police officer (see, NY VTL § 1102), or unless the operator is operating an authorized emergency vehicle (see, NY VTL § 1104).

Under NY VTL § 153, a traffic control device is any sign, signals, markings, or device which is installed by the authority of the jurisdiction, and done so to regulate and guide traffic. Often VTL § 1110a is charged with other infractions such as failure to change lanes or failure to yield to an emergency vehicle.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1110a failure to obey

Under VTL § 1110(b) any sign that a motorist is charged with disobeying must be in proper position and sufficiency legible to be seen by an ordinary observant person. A sign placed is presumed to have been placed by an authority legally authorized to do so, but that presumption is rebuttable.

Our defense of you against your failure to obey, VTL § 1110a charge

There are several avenues that our NY failure to obey a traffic control device defense lawyers can take when defending you against the charge. For example, we can call into question the visibility of the sign or whether the jurisdiction had the authority to post it. When VTL § 1110a is charged with other infractions we can also defend double jeopardy grounds.




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