New York VTL § 1126 Passing in a No Passing Zone Defense Lawyer

Have you been charged with VTL § 1126, Passing in a No Passing Zone in New York?

Our New York Passing in a no passing zone traffic court defense lawyers can represent you anywhere in NY State when charged with New York VTL § 1126. If you have been in an accident and were charged with NY VTL § 1126 you cannot plead guilty to the charge, as you are facing a large insurance increase just for the accident, and even more if you are found guilty of passing in a no passing zone. All the charge of NY VTL § 1126 means is that you drove over, or left of, the double yellow lines. Our traffic court lawyers have extensive training and experience in fighting a ticket for driving over the double yellow – i.e., passing in a no passing zones, NY VTL § 1126. If cited for Passing in a no passing zone call our firm. Our double yellow traffic court defense lawyers We will give you a free phone consultation so you can find out how we can defend you against your improper passing violation, NY VTL § 1126.

VTL § 1126 – No Passing Zone

All this statute stands for is the proposition that one cannot drive over, or left of, the double yellow lines. It is always permissible to pass on the left unless there are “official markings” in place which indicate portions of the highway where passing is prohibited due to hazards. In other words, a double yellow line. Further, an operator is prohibited from passing those markers on the left.

Defenses to NY VTL § 1126 No Passing Zone

The statute does not apply when turning left to enter or leave the highway. In addition often times the charge of driving left of the double yellow is written in conjunction with a host of other charges, such as unsafe lane change. This gives rise to a double jeopardy defense, as the charges fail as separate charges under the “same harm or evil” test.

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