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Are You Charged with Speeding in New York State?

Our New York speeding ticket attorneys represent motorists caught speeding in NY Traffic Courts throughout the state. Our defense lawyers have extensive experience representing drivers accused of speeding, including speeding in a school or work zone. If you have been cited with speeding anywhere in NY State, call our law firm and speak to a New York speeding ticket lawyer for a free consultation to find out how we can help.

The Statute

The statute that regulates the speed limit is NY VTL § 1180. Under the statute, a NY motorist is under a duty to always drive at a speed reasonable and prudent for the conditions. Further, under NY VTL § 1180(b), the default speed limit in New York state is 55 MPH. In other words, unless a roadway is otherwise posted, the maximum speed one can travel is 55 MPH.

A New York speeding conviction is a moving violation, a conviction of which will result in an accrual of points as well as a large insurance increase for 3 years. Moreover, 3 speeding convictions in any 18 month period will result in a license revocation for a minimum of 6 months.

The Points

Depending on how fast over the speed limit depends on the number of points accrued. Traveling 10 MPH or less over the speed limit is 3 points; traveling 11 - 20 MPH over the speed limit is 4 points; traveling 21 - 30 MPH over the speed limit is 6 points; traveling 31 - 40 MPH over the speed limit is 8 points; traveling 41 MPH or more over the speed limit is 11 points and a mandatory license suspension.

Additional Assessments

Moreover, the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles tacks in an additional fine, called an “assessment,” when a motorist accrues 6 or more points to their NY State driving record in any given 18 month period. This assessment is $300.00 for 6 points, $450.00 for 8 points, and $675.00 for 11 points. This means that traveling a mere 21 MPH over the speed limit can cost you $693.00 or more in total court fines, surcharges, and NYS DMV surcharge.

Protect your Insurance Rates

Insurance companies are chomping at the bit to raise your auto insurance rate because of a speeding ticket conviction. Don’t give them the satisfaction. Being accused of speeding is meaningless and an insurance company cannot raise your auto insurance premiums because you were issued a speeding ticket in New York State. If, however, you mail the speeding ticket into the court with a plea of “guilty” that is when the insurance company will raise your automobile insurance rates for 3 years. By negotiating a plea bargain to a non-moving violation, our law firm will protect your insurance rates and keep you out of the assigned risk pool or even canceling your policy.

Protect your Driver’s License

New York speeding convictions can cause a license suspension in 2 ways. One is by having the conviction contribute to an accumulation of 11 or more points in any given 18 month period. The second is by racking up 3 speeding convictions in an 18 month period. 3 speeding convictions in an 18 month period is worse because that causes a license revocation. A license revocation extinguishes your right to drive. A point accrual merely suspends your right to drive in NY for a finite amount of time. Both can occur even if you have an out of state driver’s license.

Our lawyers will protect your NY driving record so you maintain your NY driving privileges in good standing. And even if you have a very poor recent driving history, our office can often times negotiate a situation whereby we agree to a suspension for a brief period of time with limited, conditional privileges to drive to work and school.




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